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On a very stormy day in Seattle, a day that was forecasted to be one of the craziest on record and was dubbed by many as “rainpocolypse”, Alicia and Yorik took it on in full force and with high spirits.  The rain was off and on that day, and one of those rain breaks happened to occur when it came time for their first look.  When I asked them if they wanted to go for it and get some photos outside they said, “what the hell, let’s do it!” – so off we went!  The outside photo session was short lived (but definitely worth it), so we finished up indoors with some beautiful, cozy images.  During their ceremony, for a brief but special moment, the clouds parted and the sun beamed in through the windows directly on Alicia and Yorik, it was quite magical and meaningful.  This group was a ton of fun; there was an overflowing amount of smiles, laughter, and cute, dancing kids.  Before wrapping it up for the night, I snuck in some moody shots of the couple framed by the big, arch window.  Alicia and Yorik are like a stick of dynamite that is packed with their fun personalities, and exploding happiness; it’s contagious.  Documenting their day was truly a blast.

Contributing vendors:

Venue:  The Great Hall at Greenlake

Caterer:  A Grand Affaire Catering

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