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There are not enough superlatives to describe how incredible this wedding was, and how freakin happy it made me to have been able to photograph my good friends’ wedding in the beautiful, and small town of Chacala Mexico.  Over 40 friends and family traveled to Chacala to spend a week or more in honor of these two super bad ass, and amazing people.  It all started when Kate spotted Josh in a restaurant, and decided to write her number on a napkin and slip it to Josh and she walked by.  The rest as they say is history.  The ceremony took place within the picturesque ruins of Casa Magica which dates back to the 1700’s and was used to store tobacco, artillery, and other goods.  The reception was on the beach at Chac Mool cafe where a lot of margarita’s and cerveza’s were consumed.  And then there was the dance party…OMG the dance party that ensued was epic to say the least.  A bunch of friends and family all together on the dance floor, drankin’, laughin’, slicin’, and dicin’ that beach dance floor.  It was the best.  To all my friends (insert LCD Soundsystem song into your head here) I love you, and that week with all of you on the beach was monufuckinmental.  To the families of Josh and Kate-it was so much fun meeting you, and partying with you!  To Josh and Kate-I love you both as individuals, and I love you even more as a couple.  You two are the definition of a perfect pair.  This is only the beginning of your story, and I am so over the moon happy for you two.  Thank you for entrusting me with the honorable task of documenting your radtastic wedding   Greece next?

Contributing vendors:

Destination location:  Chacala Mexico

Ceremony site:  Casa Magica

Reception venue & catering:  Chac Mool Cafe

Kate’s dress design by:  Kimmi Designs

Kate’s dress & hair piece purchased at:  Pretty Parlor

Kate’s earrings:  Calliope Jewelry

Kate’s bracelet:  Irene Wood of History + Industry

Hair and Makeup done by the super awesome Emily Reckord Young

A BIG shout out, major thanks, and super props to our friend Sam for manning the camera on the dance floor so I could drink and get down, much appreciated buddy

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