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  • Autumn Adams

Ian & Anna's elopement in Bellingham 8.8.22

This was an extra special elopement experience for me. For starters, I've known Ian for years, and it's always really cool when you get to capture such a special day like this for a friend. To boot, I got to officiate for Ian and Anna as well! I found out that day that I can document an elopement and officiate an elopement at the same time... being ordained is helpful :)

We started out at Hotel Bellwether for some final wardrobe additions and champagne. We then headed to Ian and Anna's neighbors (who were also their witnesses) down the street to take advantage of their amazing view in Bellingham - the perfect backdrop for the little ceremony and then more champagne and marriage license signing. Including Ian and Anna's two dogs and one cat was super important to them so we made a cute pit stop at their home for some snuggles and cake cutting. Then it was off to the adorable neighborhood of Fairhaven for snacks, cocktails, and lovey photos complete with confetti poppin! We headed back to Hotel Bellwether for some golden hour sunset photos.

I can truly say that they did everything beautifully. They made this day about them and it reflected them perfectly. Every location, every element, and the few people involved were curated for and by Ian and Anna. Two thumbs up, 5 stars across the board. I feel really special to have documented it and married these two!

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