• The amount of photography coverage needed varies, so I offer three levels of wedding packages - 6 hours, 8 hours or 10 hours starting at $2,700 so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for you. I also offer an elopement package, you can read more about that by clicking here. I am Seattle based but happy to travel to wherever your loves takes us. On that note - I am particularly looking to expand my portfolio to the following locations: New Orleans, LA, Tulum, New York, Denver, Greece, and Portugal - perhaps we can strike a deal! Send me a message and I'll send you more info.

  • Engagement sessions are just a good time, and a great way to practice being photographed together before the big day. I know of countless go-to spots for photos for whatever environment you are craving - urban, garden, woods, mountains, beach. My main goal is to capture you both in a natural way and provide opportunities and an overall vibe to allow you to just be yourselves with each other. I offer two hour sessions at $400 ($350 if you book me as your wedding photographer as well). Travel outside of the greater Seattle area may require additional fees.

  • I freaking love photographing food, cocktails, and anything restaurant related! Finding the right light and flattering angles to a dish or a drink is genuine fun to me. In my opinion, the art of food and cocktails needs to artfully captured. Depending on what you need coverage of, the costs can vary, but my base rate is $225/hr. I'd be happy to speak with you in further detail so please feel free to reach out by visiting my Contact page.

Showcasing what a person does for a living, or a passion of theirs can create inspiration for others and make art out of the everyday. I like to think how I would want to be captured doing what I love to do and apply that to every lifestyle project while making sure that I am highlighting their craft in the best possible light. Let's talk about what you are needing to show and the way you would like it shown! Send me a message by clicking here.

This is where the depths of my creativity takes flight. I LOVE dreaming up concepts for a portrait session, fashion shoot, or even products. In studio and/or on location I am down to make some art! Collaborating on projects is something I am very open to. Just send me a message and share your idea with me and we can take it from there. Visit my contact page by clicking here.

You want to show a side of you that maybe only a few have seen, and I want to capture it for you! Boudoir is empowering, liberating, and beautiful in so many ways. Making you feel comfortable is my number one priority. Whenever possible, I like to meet my potential boudoir clients before they reveal themselves to my camera. Sessions like this are only successful when you feel at ease. I offer 3-hour sessions at $600. View gallery here

Autumn Laine Photography is owned and operated by Autumn Adams, a Seattle based wedding photographer specializing in wedding photography that is candid with a documentary style