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Showcasing what a person does for a living, or a passion of theirs can create inspiration for others and make art out of the everyday. I like to think how I would want to be captured doing what I love to do and apply that to every lifestyle project while making sure that I am highlighting their craft in the best possible light. Let's talk about what you are needing to show and the way you would like it shown! Send me a message by clicking here.

Lifestyle Photography

This is where the depths of my creativity takes flight. I LOVE dreaming up concepts for a portrait session, fashion shoot, or even products. In studio and/or on location I am down to make some art! Collaborating on projects is something I am very open to. Just send me a message and share your idea with me and we can take it from there. Visit my contact page by clicking here.


You want to show a side of you that maybe only a few have seen, and I want to capture it for you! Boudoir is empowering, liberating, and beautiful in so many ways. Making you feel comfortable is my number one priority. Whenever possible, I like to meet my potential boudoir clients before they reveal themselves to my camera. Sessions like this are only successful when you feel at ease. I offer 3-hour sessions at $750. View gallery here

Boudoir Photography
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