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  • Autumn Adams

Marina & Josh 7.7.17

This wedding was extra special because it was my sister getting married, and now I have a super rad brother-in-law, Josh. We had three crazy, fun nights in what I would describe as a New England castle. There was hot tubbing, dancing, consuming of copious amounts of vino verde (and other bev's as well), and a whole lotta love and laughter. A stupendous crew of wedding party, family, and friends came together to decorate the old barn where the reception would be held. My sister and the bridesmaids assembled these beautiful flowers that Marina picked out herself, and I have to say, those flowers were on point and looked super profesh! The decor was incredible; one of, if not the best displays I have ever seen... and I've photographed a lot of weddings. Because this was my sisters wedding, I only photographed her getting ready, and the documentation of the environment, this way I could enjoy the celebration and party down! The after party in the downstairs pub was an epic shit show featuring a bunch of happy, drunk people engaging in one hell of a dance party.

It was an honor to have been able to do this for Marina and Josh. Having not grown up with each other, being able to be there for my sister on such a meaningful, and beautiful day filled my heart to almost bursting status. I LOVE you both so much, and your wedding was so incredibly awesome... that's putting it mildly. Some key phrases to make note of that got a lot of play during this slap-happy time: "NECOLE!, why you lying?!", "skin suit", "she done already had herses", "brother", "sister", "I can bring you some vino verde", "shwing".

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