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  • Autumn Adams

Brad & Josh ceremony @ Golden Gardens 9.6.20

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Brad and Josh stared this pandemic right in the face and chose to keep their original date and get married on a beach with four of their closest friends. As the tide rolled in at Golden Gardens they read their vows to each other and then popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Afterward our little group headed to Brad and Josh's friend's house in Greenlake where the head chef and two of his colleagues from Eden Hill Restaurant awaited us with a seven-course dining experience that was knock-your-socks-off spectacular. I had the honor of being included in this amazing dinner because Brad and Josh are quite simply two of the sweetest guys I have ever met.

Shortly after getting settled at the dinner table, an unexpected guest decided to crash the dinner - he came in the form of Gibson the golden retriever from across the street that managed to escape his backyard. He must have smelled the irresistible cuisine and dashed right through the open front door. It was almost impossible to get him to leave. We managed to lure him out with a snack but he remained on the back porch staring at us through the door the entire time. We did finally get a hold of the owner and he was returned. It was quite an adorable and hilarious event that will definitely be unforgettable - thank you, Gibson.

Eden Hill started us out with beautiful temporary tattoos immediately followed by the most stunning presentation of oysters I've ever seen. The wine pairings were incredible and every dish was a piece of art and crazy delicious.

We ended the night with some artsy long exposures on a dock on Greenlake. I can't thank Brad and Josh enough for choosing me as their photographer. This was undoubtedly the most unique, intimate, easy-going, fun, and special little wedding ceremony I have ever been a part of. I can't wait to photograph their larger event next year with their whole crew. Congrats again to these wonderful gentlemen!

In home private dinner by: Eden Hill Restaurant


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