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  • Autumn Adams

Fire Walk With Me - A Twin Peaks engagement shoot

This is what happens when you take a Twin Peaks obsessed couple and a Twin Peaks obsessed photographer and set them free to create, (what we believe to be), the best engagement shoot ever! Let’s rock!

The three of us knew that we had to either go big or go home with this shoot. So we decided to go big and fully commit. The shoot started out at Snoqualmie Falls, which any Twin Peaks fan knows, is one of the opening scenes of the show.

After the Snoqualmie Falls portion of the shoot, where we wanted to just have Dada and Sam dress up like themselves (because we couldn’t forgot about adding them to the list of characters), we headed to Twedes Cafe, the diner used during the filming of the show, which was known as The Double R Diner. We chose to shoot Ed and Nadine and Audrey Horne and Dale Cooper at the diner, this was of course after indulging in some damn fine coffee.

Then it was off to the studio where we wrapped Dada in plastic and put Sam into some Sheriff Truman gear and then headed to Golden Gardens to recreate the scene when Laura Palmer is found washed ashore, with the little twist of making it a night time scene instead.

Back to the studio we went to get a little sexy in the log cabin room, and recreate the scene between Audrey and Cooper when Audrey decides to try her luck with her special agent by slipping into his bed.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Black Lodge scene, which was met with the last bit of energy we had fueled by whiskey consumption (ah, the perks of being good friends with the people you are photographing). We bought a role of white seamless paper and rolled out a 12′ x 12′ section and taped off zig-zag’s so we could paint the exposed paper black, thus creating the floor of the mysterious Black Lodge (a project that took us 6 hours to complete). We got red curtains to complete the scene, which was to be the finale of the shoot.

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