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  • Autumn Adams

Georgetown Photo Shoot

Allie and I have shot together several times, and every time the results are stunning. There was very little planning behind this shoot, just a couple awesome locations in the artsy, grungy neighborhood of Georgetown. We started out at The Stables, a special event venue filled with an eclectic mix of furniture and decor. From there we headed to Equinox Studios, which houses a collection of amazing artists. One of those artists, Chas Guidry of FCG3 studio, was kind enough to let us shoot inside of a small wooden house that he had built on top of a building. Chas took it to the next level for us by putting Allie on a fork lift and raising her up amongst the super awesome, suspended, wire-cloud installation by Sophie Wheelwright. My head was exploding with excitement over this. Allie Pratt, you are too damn good girl, always a blast making photo magic with you!

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