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  • Autumn Adams

A golden hour photo shoot stroll through New Orleans

When discount airline passes fall into your lap at the same time your friend (and model/actress) asks you to join her in New Orleans, you kind of have to say 'yes'. Allie Pratt and I have collaborated together several times in the past, so it was a no-brainer that we had to take advantage of the colorful and deep south culture of New Orleans for a laid-back photo shoot stroll through the French Quarter. Before hitting up the town we used that delicious golden hour light as our paint. After our shoot, we had to scarf down chicken wings, in evening attire mind you, and run through the streets to make it in time for our reservations at Preservation Hall for some authentic jazz. This was just one of many adventures we had while enjoying this beautiful city. Aside from this photo shoot and everything we got into that evening, my other favorite memory was when we met John Goodman on the street - all because we stopped to smell the flowers.

Allie - you are a gem, I had such a blast with you! Another very successful and beautiful photo shoot, and with no planning too.

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