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  • Autumn Adams

Heather & Steve 10.6.18 @ Camp Sealth, Vashon Island

Heather and Steve took their love for Wes Anderson and married it (pun intended) with a camp theme for their wedding. Being an extreme fan girl myself of everything Wes Anderson; I could not wait to take my camera's and document all the details. These two went all out with the details. Every guest was given an official camper guidebook that listed the spirit animal that was assigned to them by the couple. They had their very own scout master (a nod to Ed Norton's role in Moonrise Kingdom) as their officiant. Guests had the opportunity to earn a variety of merit badges that were designed by Steve's best man, artist, Narboo. Everything was impeccably done and curated - my mind was blown. I had to of course approach the documentation of this wedding with a keen Wes Anderson eye. One photo in particular of the wedding party was inspired by the shot of Team Zissou all packed inside the submarine just before the mysterious jaguar shark reveals itself to them in The Life Aquatic. This wedding was a dream to photograph, I honestly didn't want to stop, so I knew I had to wrap it up on a high note. With our theme and inspiration in mind, I set up a night time photo with Heather and Steve snuggled up on a blanket on a grassy hill with one single (yet dramatic) light cast on them taken from a porch above. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. I also can't thank Heather and Steve enough for choosing me as their wedding photographer - it feels like a match made in Wes Anderson heaven.

Hair and makeup: Sara Butler Beauty

Contributing artists: Narboo and Starheadboy

2nd Photographer: Sonja Lyon Photography

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