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  • Autumn Adams

Luke & Matt @ Maroni Meadows 8.7.21

Boy oh boy...where do I even start with these two awesome humans?! The short of the long of it is that we are legit friends now. Luke and Matt naturally light up any environment they are in almost as much as they light each other up. Even when it began to downpour, their immediate move was to grab an umbrella and start dancing around in the rain and kissing each other... it was adorable. The tropical setting of Maroni Meadows was like a big, beautiful, green hug... I can't say enough about how lovely the grounds are. It was the perfect setting for this vibrant couple that I quickly came to love and feel honored to call friends.

Venue & Caterer: Maroni Meadows

Macaroon towers: Bakery Nouveau

2nd Photographer: Shoshana Glickman


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