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  • Autumn Adams

Rob & Molly's Anderson Island Wedding

By way of a tiny little ferry that leaves from Steilacoom, WA, you are dropped off on Anderson Island which sits in the south end of Puget Sound...

Old friends, new friends and family embarked the tiny vessel to attend the wedding weekend of Rob & Molly, which turned out to be the best wedding ever. I happily took on the responsibility of partially shooting this wedding for my friends. The first night was spent at the campground feasting on some superb BBQ and hangin around a campfire, complete with a mobile mojito bar. The wedding was held at Johnson Farm, which typically does not host events. It only took Rob making a deal with the owners to replace the floor in the 100+ year-old barn that would then safely house the reception. The ceremony was filled with a lot of woo-hooing and laughter. One of the best dance parties I've ever had the pleasure of partaking in went down in that old barn where that new floor was put to the test. It was finished off by everyone gathering around Rob and Molly as we danced and sang along to All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem...the most perfect song that could have been played as a last song. The only activity that could follow such an amazing wedding and compliment it perfectly was a late night swim in the Sound accompanied by the always mesmerizing was also freezing, but completely worth it. It really was one hell of a weekend and one that I will never forget. Congrats again to you my friends, I love you both and I love the two of you together...and little Huckleberry too of course :)

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