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  • Autumn Adams

Tulum & Akumal

Tulum had been on my travel list for quite some time, so to finally have the opportunity to go, (and with my good friend and fellow photographer no less), was a very satisfying itch to scratch.

This place exceeded my expectations. The Caribbean beaches are crazy beautiful, the town surrounds you with color and culture, the food overwhelms you in all the right ways, there are Cenotes to swim in and Mayan ruins to explore, and my mind was completely blown by the level of creativity and sheer coolness in the design elements of restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Vera and I rode bikes everywhere, we photographed each other, we hydrated via multiple margarita's daily, we went to a badass beach party, we swam, we lounged, we danced, we made friends, I almost fell out of a treehouse but hung in there (but had one hell of a bruise), we sweat... a lot - and so much more.

I am looking forward to visiting Tulum and Akumal again, and again, and again...

To see this trip through my travel partners' eyes, Vera, click here

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